Another example for find and replace using regex in Notepad++

In case we have a long text contains a group of numbers followed by dot like 435. blabla, 4546. blablabla, 343432. a text... and we have it so much in a file in a single line text. Then we want to separate them like this:

435. blabla,
4546. blablabla,
343432. a text...

We can not do it manually, it will consume a long time to accomplish it. Thanks to Regular Expressions. In Notepad++ we can do that task easily.

In this case, we open Notepad++, open Find and Replace window, activate Regular expressions mode, type ([0-9]+\.) in Find field then \n\1 in Replace with field. Now we hit Replace All button. Viola! It’s done.

Watch this video to see how do I demonstrate it:


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