How to make and generateQR Code with JavaScript – Center Align the QR Code

This tutorial is answering a question about how to center align the qr code image generated by qrcode.js library on my previous video:

And the answer is relatively easy, we can adjust the styling of the div containing qr code image to make it center aligned.

You can download the library from here:

qrcode.js library is very simple and useful JavaScript library that can help you generate qr code images easily.

You can dowload the source code here:

How to make an HTML5 Note Taking Program

HTML5 is amazing to me it and I have fun to do coding with JavaScript because it runs on web browser just like that, so we don’t have to install anything, its just running on web browser.

In this tutorial I will share with you how to create a web program, this time, a note taking program.

By watching this tutorial you will know how to store note data, how to retrieve it back and how to delete each one of notes we saved.

We don’t use any database to make this note taking program, we only use what so-called Local Storage on web browser, so our notes are saved on web browser.