How to turn off LiteSpeed cache feature on CPanel

Sometimes our web hosting company enables LiteSpeed cache feature on our CPanel so if we make any change in our website, people will not see the changes directly because they are still accessing a cached version of our website for at least 30 seconds, approximately.

For me this thing is annoying, I want to make change on some part of my website and need it to be seen directly by my visitors.

The solution is to turn off this feature by adding this code on .htaccess file on a root directory of our website:

HTML5 Crossword Puzzle Game

An Open Source HTML5 Crossword Puzzle Game based on Crossword.js that you can use it for your project, just change the word list in ttss.js file.

You can randomize words to play with, toggle to show or hide correct answers, and more.

This HTML5 puzzle game / web app is designed to be viewed from mobile devices, so you can see a navigation drawer that can be opened by tapping on hamburger button.

Open the navigation drawer to choose between 3 words or 5 words puzzle.

To fill the crossword, I know it’s little bit strange, that you must click any box to show a virtual keyboard, then you can tap any of the letters of your choice.

HTML5 Flip Book using TurnJS library

An example of using TurnJS library to create a flip book web app.

Book pages are jpg images stored in a folder, then loaded up into this flip book nicely.

Let’s say you want to make your own flip book? Convert your book pages into individual jpg images, rename them accordingly from 1 to any number of page, then edit the index.html file, find a JavaScript variable called “maxpage” and set its number.

Watch this video:

HTML5 Canvas Reflexology Map and Area

Open Source HTML5 canvas based reflexology and massage area for feet and hands available in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

On the top right panel of this web app you can see 4 buttons:

1. Search
Tap to find any part of your body and tap the result, then you will see massage point related to that.

2. Hide all massage points
Tap this button to show all available massage point.

3. Clear all
Tap this one to hide all the reflexology points.

4. Hamburger menu
To show a navigation drawer that contains body part/organs that if you click one of them, massage points will appear on the screen.

Watch the demo video here:

Get the source code here:

PHP MySQL Travel History Questionnaire during Covid19

This is a simple single page PHP and MySQL based Questionnaire regarding travel history during Covid19.

You will see a questionnaire page asking you 5 questions:

  1. Your name
  2. Phone number
  3. Have you been to China in last 2 weeks?
  4. Have you travelled out of Singapore in the last 2 weeks?
  5. Body temperature

When you click submit button, your entered data will be submitted and recorded in MySQL database.

You can switch to see between form page and record page by clicking a link at the bottom of these pages.

How To Make Custom Logo Intro for Your Unity Game

Hello, let’s make our own custom intro logo for our Unity game.

So, we need to make our Intro Logo scene first. Give it a name: LogoIntro.

This is my logo image in PNG format. Let’s drag and drop it into Unity to import.

Click the imported image to view its import settings. Set its texture type to Image 2D and UI. Then click Apply.

Insveculator – Free HTML5 Stock Market & Forex Like trading game

Fake Stock Market Trading Simulation Game based on JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas

Stock prices in this game are generated randomly. You can play this game by buying and selling stocks, and make money from the differences between prices when you bought and when you sold them.

Free Open Source Online Quran with Translations

Online Quran with translation based on HTML5 and PHP.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me 😀

It’s optimised for mobile view. Has language change feature, theme selection, and options for changing Arabic and translation text sizes.

Available languages are: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese and French