How to use Deep Linking feature in 3D Vista and some useful JavaScript method calls

Hello, and here is my first blog post about 3DVista, a nice 360 virtual tour software.

Deep linkings

I want to share some deep linking features that we can use in 3DVista:

Deep link for focusing to some element/hotspot, for example “painting1”:


You can also try this one that is more complex:


Let’s breakdown above link. media-name is for the name of panorama scene that we want to open, in this case pano1. trigger-overlay-name is for showing the overlay with name (in this case) painting1 and then focus-overlay-name is for focusing the camera to certain element which is in this case painting1.

Another simpler example:


media-index accepts number as parameter, it is index number of your panorama that you want to open by accessing this link, in this case index number 3. trigger-overlay-name has been explained previously.

More url parameters:

(replace the CAPITAL LETTERS with your info)

  • media-name=MEDIA_NAME : Name of the media to load (with escaped characters). This would be our Kitchen example. Send someone the tour but make sure it starts immediately in the kitchen.
  • media-index=INDEX : media index, or which media in your playlist to load. Another way to get to the Kitchen example.
  • media=MEDIA_NAME_OR_INDEX : use the name or media index to define which media to load
  • trigger-overlay-name=HOTSPOT_NAME : launches the action of a hotspot. Use this in conjunction with media-name, media-index, or media
  • trigger-overlay-event=EVENT_NAME : defines the action upon which to launch a hotspot’s action. By default that’s “click”. Use this in conjunction with trigger-overlay-name to define which hotspot it refers to.
  • focus-overlay-name=HOTSPOT_NAME : takes the visitor to that hotspot, which will appear in the center of the screen (without launching it). Should be used in conjunction with media-name, media-index, or media
  • yaw=YAW&pitch=PITCH : changes the camera position. YAW should be between [-180, 180], and PITCH between[-90,90]. The yaw degrees must be calculated in relation to the physical mid point of the equirectangular panorama. Should be used in conjunction with media-name, media-index, or media
  • language=LANGUAGE_CODE : forces to open the tour in the defined language, for instance: ?language=en-US
  • index.htm?skip-loading –> To load a (different) virtual tour without showing the loading screen, for a more seamless switch.

JavaScript Method Calls

You can try to call this method to open a panorama scene. Put the scene/panorama index number as the parameter. Here it is:


Remember, x is your panorama index number. For example you have a room “A” in index number 3 on your 3DVista, just call setMediaByIndex(3);

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