Insveculator – Free HTML5 Stock Market & Forex Like trading game

Fake Stock Market Trading Simulation Game based on JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas

Stock prices in this game are generated randomly. You can play this game by buying and selling stocks, and make money from the differences between prices when you bought and when you sold them.

Free Open Source Online Quran with Translations

Online Quran with translation based on HTML5 and PHP.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me 😀

It’s optimised for mobile view. Has language change feature, theme selection, and options for changing Arabic and translation text sizes.

Available languages are: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese and French

Lorem Ipsum Cakes V2 – Simple Cake Shop Online Order System

Lorem Ipsum Cakes V2 is a simple cake shop online order system using HTML5 and PHP. It simply record client’s orders on your website database and your client can simply chat with you by using WhatsApp, either web version on their desktop devices or mobile phones using installed WhatsApp app.

How to make a responsive full screen background image in HTML5

Bringing an image to a web page is easy as we can use <img src… tag. But what if we want to use an image as a background image? It is also easy. You can search for it on internet. But, there is more, how to make this background image in full screen mode, center fixed, filling the screen, with maintained aspect ratio, I mean not stretched? The answer is this few lines of css codes:

Lorem Ipsum Cakes – Free Order Via WhatsApp HTML5 Template

Hello everyone. This is a Free HTML website template that I’ve made it recently for one of my projects.

Let’s say we are selling cakes. People can order their cakes by filling this order form, and then the order message is being sent via WatsApp.

Feel free to modify the code and change my number to your number.

Open this link to see the demo:

How to integrate AdMob banner into iOS web app in Xcode

This blog post is all about how to make an iOS app that completely displaying an HTML5 web app, I mean this app will run local html files with its assets such as JavaScript, css, fonts, images etc.

Plus, this blog post demonstrates how to integrate AdMob Banner Ad into this web app. So when you run the app, AdMob banner ad will be displayed at the bottom of the app.

Let’s start it. First, make new iOS Xcode project. Then download AdMob for iOS to include it to your project.

Watch this video to see exactly how to do it:

How to list all files in a directory and read each of them in PHP

This code snippet is useful to me when I need to read all files inside a directory and showing it on web browser in PHP:

header('Content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8');
$dir = "1"; //this is a folder containing files we want to read.
$files = scandir("$dir");
foreach($files as $key=>$value){
	if(!in_array($value, array(".", ".."))){
		echo "Found this file: " . $value . "<br>Begin reading...";
		$currentfile = fopen($dir . "/" . $value, "r") or die("Unable to read the file!");
		echo fread($currentfile, filesize($dir . "/" . $value));
		echo "Reading finished.";