How to open WebP images in Photoshop – WebP Photoshop Plugin

Finally this plugin solved my problem. Usually when I got a webp images downloaded from internet, I take a screenshot of the image and copy and paste it inside Photoshop.

But lucky me I found this plugin from this link:

Extract the file, and find 32 or 64 plugin file, copy and paste it on your Photoshop plugin directory. Enjoy!

Ciihuy SMTP Bulk Mail Sender

I’ve made a web application called Ciihuy SMTP Bulk Mail Sender for sending bulk/mass emails with a single click.

But I must say that:

  • We do not collect your input data on our server from this page. However if you have a bulk mail job, your data is stored temporarily on your web browser locally and deleted directly after your mailing job is done.
  • Some mailing servers has mailing limitation, for example you may only can send 200 emails per hour, not more. You must ask this to your service provider.
  • Some mailing servers lacks good mailing ability, just for example the email you send will go to spam folder of the recipient’s inbox.

Check out this video and visit this link: