How To Make Custom Logo Intro for Your Unity Game

Hello, let’s make our own custom intro logo for our Unity game.

So, we need to make our Intro Logo scene first. Give it a name: LogoIntro.

This is my logo image in PNG format. Let’s drag and drop it into Unity to import.

Click the imported image to view its import settings. Set its texture type to Image 2D and UI. Then click Apply.

Switchable “Camera Follows a Player” accross mutliple scenes in Unity

This is a Unity package file, if you download it and import it on your empty Unity project, you will see a demonstration about a camera that follows an object, and this camera (it’s position) is switchable, you can click a button to switch between multiple camera positions and angles. Plus there are two buttons to open two empty scenes, but when you open it the player object and cameras will be there too.

The purpose of this demonstration is to show you how an object like player, camera, etc can be used on multiple scenes without reloading them in each scenes, by adding one line script to make those objects undestroyable when you change scenes.

How to switch between camera positions and angles in Unity by C# script

The script inside this package allows you to switch between camera positions so you can switch between camera angles and positions easily with single click button.

In this example, there were 3 camera positions that we can switch between them. In this video I also tried to add another camera position (the 4th position).

You will also be able to adjust camera switching speed to be fast or slow.

How to make objects facing towards player in Unity

Some of elements in our game probably need to always face towards the player or player’s camera.

With this script we can make any object that this script attached on it, to look at a specific object, like player object or a camera.