Blender quick tips and shortcuts

Working with blender is much faster and easier if you know most of it’s keyboard shortcuts. Here in this post I’m going to list them as much as I can:

Show and hide object

To hide selected object, press H and to show it again press ALT+H. To hide all unselected objects, press SHIFT+H while you are selecting an object.

Merging vertices

To merge two or more vertices, while selecting those vertices hit ALT+M.

Centering pivot point to the center of an object

To center a pivot point to the center of an object, or to the 3D Cursor, or to do something similar, on object mode, hit CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+C.

Object Mode & Edit Mode switching

To switch between edit mode and object mode, press TAB button.

Bring camera to current perspective view

It’s difficult to position camera to a specific angle as we want. But it’s easy to do it on our perspective view while working on Blender. Fortunately, we can bring our camera exactly to our perspective angle and position by pressing CTRL+ALT+NUMPAD 0.

Camera fly mode

You can fly with the camera like you’re in a game by pressing WASD buttons and rotating around with your mouse. To do so, first pres Shift+F.

Switch between wireframe and solid view

To switch between wireframe and solid view, press Z.

Duplicating object

To make a duplicate of an object, select your object then press SHIFT+D then grab it to new location. However, if you want to make a linked object, press ALT+D instead.

Positioning and Snapping

Positioning an object is somehow difficult in Blender. Press CTRL+SHIFT+A to adjust 3D Cursor’s position or snapping object to a location.

Extending and duplicating window

If you use multiple monitors, press CTRL+ALT+W to duplicate Blender’s window and drag it to another monitor.

Adding new vertex on an edge

While selecting an edge, to add new vertex on the middle of it, press CTRL+R.


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