Building our first Cordova based mobile app, step by step

By using Cordova, we can build a web application that can run on many mobile devices both iOS and Android. This post will show you all the basic required steps to do it.


First of all, to use Cordova, we need to install NodeJS. I won’t cover how to install NodeJS here. I assume we have NodeJS already. Next step is:

Installing Cordova

To begin installing Cordova, we run this command:

npm install -g cordova

Create the App

Then we create the app by creating a directory and its necessary files. To do it we call:

cordova create hello com.example.hello HelloWorld

After that, we see a folder has been created. Then we go inside that folder, we cd to it: cd hello

If you open the folder, there is a www folder inside it, we place our web files there and that’s all.

Adding platforms

Then we add platforms to our app, let’s say Android and iOS, so we run this command:

cordova platform add ios
cordova platform add android

Build it!

Then we can build the app by using this command:

cordova build

Or specifically we run

cordova build ios

Continue with Xcode or Android Studio

After building the app, we can open the built project using Android Studio or Xcode (it depends on what platform you are working on) then on these IDE you can build the app and publish it to Google Play or AppStore.


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