How can we read and write a file using JavaScript

Basically, JavaScript can not read and write a file. But it should be clearer: JavaScript can not read and write a file “on server”. What about on client side? Yes, JavaScript can read and write file on client side.

Here I share HTML and JavaScript code that can perform (a sort of) file read and write on client machine.

<!DOCTYPE html>
	<title>JavaScript read and write a file</title>
    <h1>Select a file to read:</h1>
    <p>First, pick a file, for example a text file with any text in it.</p>
	<input type="file" id="myFile">
	<p>Then click Read button to read the file's content.</p>
    <button onclick="loadFileAsText()">Read</button><br />
	<h1>Content of loaded file</h1>
	<textarea id="inputTextToSave"></textarea> <br />
	<p>You can modify above text and save it using below button.</p>
	<h1>Save the file</h1>
	<button onclick="savefile()">Save</button>
	<p id="dlink">Click save button to generate download link.</p>
	function loadFileAsText(){
	  var myFile = document.getElementById("myFile").files[0];

	  var fileReader = new FileReader();
	  fileReader.onload = function(fileLoadedEvent){
		  var textFromFileLoaded =;
		  document.getElementById("inputTextToSave").value = textFromFileLoaded;

	  fileReader.readAsText(myFile, "UTF-8");
	function savefile(){
		var content = document.getElementById("inputTextToSave").value;
		uriContent = "data:application/octet-stream," + encodeURIComponent(content);
		document.getElementById("dlink").innerHTML = "<a href=" + uriContent + " download=\"savedfile.txt\">Here is the download link</a>";

And here is the live result: