How to add touch screen steering wheel to your car/vehicle in Unity

In this tutorial I’m going to integrate the Touch Screen steering wheel that I already shared with you on my previous tutorial: , to a car object. This car object of course has wheel collider and rigged properly.

So if you did not watch my previous tutorials about how to make your own car controller and rig the wheel colliders to your car and wheels object, check out this tutorial:

Unity Wheel Collider Tutorial – How to make a movable car rig & setting it up from scratch in Unity:

And there is another tutorial for adding car engine audio:

How to add an engine sound to a car with respect to its speed in Unity:

Integrating this touch screen steering wheel to the vehicle, especially that vehicle/car that I made, is very easy. In this video I’m showing you how to use this steering wheel instead of default horizontal axis of A and D keyboard buttons.


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