How To Make Custom Logo Intro for Your Unity Game

Hello, let’s make our own custom intro logo for our Unity game.

So, we need to make our Intro Logo scene first. Give it a name: LogoIntro.

This is my logo image in PNG format. Let’s drag and drop it into Unity to import.

Click the imported image to view its import settings. Set its texture type to Image 2D and UI. Then click Apply.

Next, we add a Canvas UI to the scene. Add an Image. Then we use our imported logo image. Resize it nicely.

We need to change our camera background to a solid white color.

Let’s add a text as a child of our logo. And we adjust its properties.

Now let’s add a simple animation to our intro logo.

Make sure logo in the scene is selected, then add an animation to it this way:

Let’s only animate its scale property.

We need to run our main scene after this intro logo is being played. So we need to make a simple script to do this.

Don’t forget to create the Main Scene to be opened after logo intro.

Let’s get back to logo intro scene. Add the previously created script to the logo image object.

Then go to animation timeline, go to a specific frame where we are going to execute the script. Click this little mark. Then find the method we’ve created in the script.

Now let’s run the game. After seeing our intro logo animation being played, the next scene is opened.

You can watch the video here:


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