How to make page separated Word files from a Word document

For example I have 100 pages of a Microsoft Word document and I want to extract each page’s contents into one file (page_1.doc for first page, page_2.doc for second page and so on), so how should I do it?

Fortunately I can run a simple macros script to do it. Watch this tutorial:

Here is the script:

Sub MakeEachPageSeparated()
' MakeEachPageHTML Macro

   ' Used to set criteria for moving through the document by page.
   Application.Browser.Target = wdBrowsePage

   For i = 1 To ActiveDocument.BuiltInDocumentProperties("Number of Pages")
      'Select and copy the text to the clipboard

      ' Open new document to paste the content of the clipboard into.
' Removes the break that is copied at the end of the page, if any.
      ChangeFileOpenDirectory "C:\converted"
      DocNum = DocNum + 1
      ActiveDocument.SaveAs FileName:="page_" & DocNum & ".doc", FileFormat:=wdFormatDocument, AddToRecentFiles:=True

      ' Move the selection to the next page  in the document
   Next i
   ActiveDocument.Close savechanges:=wdDoNotSaveChanges

End Sub

Or try this one:

Sub NewSeparation()
    Dim orig As Document
    Dim page As Document
    Dim numPages As Integer
    Dim idx As Integer
    Dim fn As String
    ' Keep a reference to the current document.
    Set orig = ActiveDocument
    ' Calculate the number of pages
    numPages = ActiveDocument.BuiltInDocumentProperties("Number of Pages")
    For idx = 1 To numPages
        ' Make sure the document is active
        ' Go to the page with index idx
        Selection.GoTo What:=wdGoToPage, Name:=idx
        ' Select the current page
        Selection.GoTo What:=wdGoToBookmark, Name:="\page"
        ' Copy the selection
        ' Create a new document
        Set page = Documents.Add
        ' Activate it
        ' Paste the selection
        ' Generate the file name
        fn = "C:\converted\page_" + CStr(idx) + ".doc"
        ' Save the document as Word 97-2003
        page.SaveAs FileName:=fn, FileFormat:=wdFormatDocument, AddToRecentFiles:=False
        ' Close the document

End Sub