How to make Unity Fuel System for your Unity car game

Part #1 : Making simple fuel system for my Unity pick up car game

In this video you can see how I made a simple fuel system for my game from making a display text on game UI and scripting. I will publish the next video soon about how to refuel.

Part #2 : How to make simple car refuel system for your Unity game

Previously on my tutorial in this link I made a simle fuel system for my game. And here in this video I will show you how to refuel the car in this game when it arrives in a gas station.

I will simply make some invisible areas on my gas station object, then the car object will detect that area then it will automatically refuel the tank.

Part #3 : How to use Unity Slider as your fuel indicator in your vehicle game

It’s more interesting to use slider as our fuel indicator instead of just plain text as I did on my previous video: So in this video I’m showing you how to use Unity Slider UI as our fuel indicator and how to apply our current fuel value to the slider.


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