How to make your in game mini map in Unity

Hello guys, in this post I’m going to share some of my videos about how to make mini map in your game in Unity.

Part #1

In this video I’m showing my progress on making a mini map for my car driving simulator game. In this first part of my videos you will see how to add a mini map ui to Unity canvas, and how to apply render texture on it, and how to make a camera that I use for this mini map.

Part #2

On my previous video I’ve showed to you how to add a mini map UI object with its render texture and camera.

That time I attached the camera to my car object. But the problem is, if my car is falling down, the camera also got upside down.

To prevent it, I attached a script I called Stick With It. You can get it from my blog:

By using this script I can attach my camera to stick with the car’s position and follow it’s Y rotation, but not X and Z rotation. So whenever my car is rotating upside down, the map camera should be up on top of the car.

Part #3

How to add player marker to our Mini Map display in Unity

In this part I’ve made a marker image for my player (the car) to use it on Mini Map.

The idea basically is just I want the Mini Map camera only render certain objects that I mark it as Mini Map object, such as player marker, road and ground map, etc. So the Mini Map will only display such kind of objects.

In the last part of this video I tried to make a 2D map based on my screenshot of Unity terrain, but I’m not finished yet with it. On my next video I will work on details of this 2D map.

Part #4

Refining and detailing our custom map for Unity mini map. In this part of my videos I’m detailing my custom terrain and road map to be used in my mini map.

Part #5

Adding map markers and icons for buildings for our Unity mini map. In this part I will be adding three icons/markers for my three buildings in this game to display them in my mini map. They are: restaurant, gas station and repair shop.

Part #6

Fixing icons / markers orientation. In my previous video, the map markers has orientation problem. Here I fixed it by adding a script to make those markers always match the mini map camera’s orientation.

Part #7

This is, I think, the last part of series of how to make mini map in Unity. In this video I made a full screen game map and I can toggle between it and the mini map by clicking each of them. Simple and easy thing if you can follow it step by step. Sorry guys no voice, my microphone is broken. Soon I will get new mic and record voice also. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to hit like button and subscribe please 😀


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