Make your own 360 virtual tour with 3Sixty Web Tour Maker

3Sixty is a desktop software for creating 360 virtual tour websites. It provides visual tools for adding panorama images, placing hotspots and attaching useful actions to each of them.

It is written in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS and built using Electronjs and Nodejs.

The 360 panorama viewer engine used in this software is Panolensjs, a wonderful JavaScript panorama viewer built on top of Threejs.

So 3Sixty Web Tour Maker is a free and open source software built using another free open source software. 3Sixty is completely free and will always be.

To download it, click here to go to its home page:

To view the source code, click here:

This is an overview tutorial about how to use it:


3 thoughts on “Make your own 360 virtual tour with 3Sixty Web Tour Maker

    1. Really? Hmmm… looks strange. I’m also using Windows 10 64 bit but I’m fine. Can you pls take a screenshot and send to me: habibieamrullah(at) ?

    2. Hi Frans,
      It’s updated already and I fixed the bug. So please uninstall the old one, download the new one from it’s website then install it again.
      Thanks again for notifying me about this issue 😀

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