Strange experience with this Unity error: permission denied

As usual, I work on Unity on my Windows PC, then build the Xcode project files from my pc.

This time the project files are so big so I tried to zip them. But zipping process didn’t go until the end, before completely zipping the files, I got an error says somehow it can not compress an empty folder. But the zip file is there already. So I think the zip file is okay.

I copied the zip file to my flash disk, and move it to my mac, opened it from Xcode on my mac, and so on, then finally I got this error: unity xcode permission denied, so I can not build the project for App Store submission.

I googled around about this issue, but did not find anything useful. Then I got a clue from some forum, then I was thinking it was because my zipping process.

Then I got back to my PC and copy xcode project files entirely to my flash disk without zipping it. This time the problem is solved!

I wrote this in case sometimes I got this error again but I forgot how I solved it.

Lol. Yeah, that’s it.


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