Unity Left and Right Turn Sign Lights Tutorial

How to make turn right and left signal lights in Unity | Part #1

This video tutorial is about how to make turn right and left signal lights for your car object in Unity.

In this part I’ve modified my car mesh and prepared left and right turn signal light objects, applied a material to them and make them blinking continuously by simple scripting.

Next video will be how to make buttons and controller for them to make 3 types of blinking signals: left turn, right turn and hazard light signals.

PS: Sorry if sometimes car engine sound is louder than my microphone recording. Hahaha, often forget to lower the volume of my computer.

Buttons to control the blinking left and right sign lights | Left Right Turn Sign Lights Tutorial #2

This is the last part of my tutorials after this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgHA82sjILA

In this part I’m making a script to control which one of the sign lights to turn on, left or right, or both. There are three new buttons made in this video: left arrow, right arrow and hazard light button.

By the end of this tutorial you will see those buttons are working as expected to control the left right turn sign lights of my car in this game.


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