Tutorial how to make rocket launcher shooting game in Unity

Hi, in this blog post I will start a tutorial series about how to make rocket launcher shooting game in Unity. I already have the game ready. It is a FPS game with Skibidi Toilet monsters around and we need to escape and run away from them. But it would be more interesting if we can also shoot a rocket to blow them up instead of only running away. So that’s why I make this blog post.

1. Preparing the rocket launcher model

I’m going to use free asset of low poly weapons from Unity Asset Store, you can find it in this link. There is a nice low poly RPC / rocket launcher model that I’m interested to use in this project. In this video below I’m showing you how to import the package and the 3d model, then how to attach the model to the existing character rig:

2. Creating a button and how to instantiate the rocket prefab object when we click it

In this video I will show you how to create a UI button and a script containing a function that if we call it it will spawn the rocket prefab object.

3. It’s time to work on rocket physics

Let’s not to make it too complicated. We will make a simple script to make the rocket moving forward after we instantiating it. Later we will work on the explosion effects and so on…

4. Adding sound effects (rocket launch and explosion sound effects)

Let’s work on audio and sound effects for our RPC game.

5. Explosion and fire effects

In this video we are going to use the free asset War FX from Unity Asset Store to make rocket explosion effects.

6. We need some rocket reload delay between each rocket shots

To make the rocket shots more realistic, we need to add some delay / interval between each rocket shots to make the game not too easy. So after each rocket shot, player can fire again after few seconds (for example 2 seconds).

7. Rocket explosion damage system against the enemy objects

Surely the rocket explosion should destroy and give damage effect to the enemy that we shoot. So in this video I will work on the damage effect of the rocket explosion.

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